Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Billion vs. Billion, with New Opportunities

Billion vs. Billion, with New Opportunities

        To the glory of the people, who wish to keep going toward the power of life, love and the pursuit of happiness; the various ways of conquering our passion is the magnificence of our life.
        We, as a collective, know there is money to be made, life to be lived and health to be gained. There are options, on how to gain, in every part of life. The only thing, each and every individual has on their plate, is the “first breath and light”.

Money Health

        Health to be gained by everyone seeking easy wealth is the importance, of our life. You cannot enjoy life, while in pain, and suffering. Everyone has their own ‘DNA’, like a fingerprint; therefore we each have our own personal power to live for, in this life. The option, to reanimate, what is inside is becoming possible using the available information: “Whole organ ‘grown’ inside the animal for the first time”-- http://tiny.cc/3eallx . All you need to know is where to go, to narrow down your searching. Maybe, a mall like ‘The Healthy Living Mall’—could accommodate your time, relate to your interests in much various interest, related to health: http://digijunction.com/health/mrmalcolm1;

Informed fights vs. Calculated Guessing for Your Pocket

        Investing for Profit can be confusing to some, easy for others, and a miracle, for those, who place their money in the right spot, at the right time. Of course, these various topics can always be covered in a large number of locations, as the best advice, hot tip and the ‘let me do-it-for-you’, areas of our communicative world.

Well Powered Choices

Yet, caution is the “keyword”, for all, who venture down this prosperous path. And even more too popular is the ‘getting good information’. Well, articles, contacts, and even product catalogs are so numerous, that making a fully informed, fully researched, decision, can take a lot of time while searching our vast media. So let’s keep this area simple: http://digijunction.com/investing/mrmalcolm1 is a way of cutting down the time spent. Instant articles, contacts, and top product catalogs, ready and waiting for aiding your decisions, about today’s hot topics, which has captured your attention: yes, take a look, ‘Investing for Profit’ may be the decision maker you are looking for, as a time saver.

Touché oh Niché

        So you wish to step up to a variety of choices, on getting started of the path of changes, when money is concerned. Maybe starting small; maybe something from home; maybe auctions or affiliate marking, internet marking, paid surveys, and even classified ads; when you have available news articles on these topics, all in one place: can save a lot of time and effort; plus give you the bases for your journey.  Let’s face it, even if you have an idea, an informed decision is always a good way to get started and to keep going: http://digijunction.com/business/mrmalcolm1, will take you to ‘The Ultimate Home’ Business Resource Center. First-rate, yes plenty of choices, to finding that lead, toward success. Who knows what niche, direction or gold mine you may find by that one click. This area is well stocked with information and prime material.
        There you have the beginnings of a very good relationship. One that empowers your decisions; Makes you money; Saves you time, and above all else: is a one-stop aid to your success!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Creditor watches a Goodwill Vendor vs. The Dollar Vampire on Site

The Prevention of an Overdue Account

        Lessons to be learned, from both sides, of an account, which is close to being overdue; like a domino, which has two sides most individuals see, such as a top and bottom. Some of us, who see more than the two sides, know there are six sides, with 4 sides more than even considered by most, which can be the grey areas, which will not be mentioned.
Speaking for the individual, who push the limits, to gain more than they had is very exhilarating effect. Just trying to be more than all the dreams and desires have shown is simply marvelous.  The option to get-a-head is very admirable, without a doubt. We, who support this exciting path, need to recognize the power of not having the chosen effect happen. And worst, not care about anything else than that exhilarating effect.

Kudos to the Champion of Causes

It is quite hard to keep supporting the side of the individual, who supports the collapse of the Dominoes without thinking of the final outcome. Our recognition, of the end is the true beginning of this article. Everyone, involved in this method of destruction, needs to understand, who really, will be hurt. These individual’s, do believe there is goodness in the way of pushing, at all cost, without seeing the closeness of the possible domino collapse.
So, let us understand the ways of preventing the destructive behavior, so a more, powerful, successful position can be achieved by all parties involved.  The fairness, to all is the goodwill gesture, which should be considered by both parties. Set-up dates and times, for taking care of your payment of the debt; feel comfortable with setting up an account. Read the fine print, and have the fine print explained before agreeing. Know yourself, your actions and habits. Allow for mishaps, yet prepare for the safety of your actions: knowing your limits is most important aspect of advancing.

The Hidden Secret in this Position is Communication

Advancing involves communication, from both sides; we know the lender should be speaking, yet, both parties, who are involved, should be aware of the ideas, objectives and questions with the account planners, being an active participant, with pulling together this new success story.
Setting up a prevention plan, is a great way of keeping your business away, from an overdue business account. The objective of both parties is on the one side the active lender, who is working at having a goodwill repetition. On the other side is the small business owner, working at creating a better world, for self and family.

Paperwork, paperwork: who needs Paperwork

To getting started, on the next step of keeping good business, between the two parties is the maintaining of paperwork. The small business owner needs to always mark dates, times and properly control stamped receipts of payments; note, in any agreement, being closely kept, that a buffer, when extra money may occur, some of the extra, placed in a way that an overdue penalty, will not be activated [How to Prevent an Overdue Business Account: http://tiny.cc/yu0tox ].

Money vs. the BCC

Staying away from the dreaded ‘Bad Credit Customer’ is by knowing that customers history.  The actual problem with staying away from the bad credit customer is they may be your big spender, i.e. the high highs in spending to the low lows. Yes, we all would like to be even and flowing yet, whatever your business is: may be easier said than done; so understand the lenders cash flow issues, as well as your own. Inquire for options, with the lender, such as discounts for paying earlier than agreed, and yes, accept the penalties, for tardiness: we all wish to avoid the death position of the only ‘Cash on Delivery’, option as a result [The Best Ways to Prevent Overdue Accounts: http://tiny.cc/yu0tox ].

Desire, Sweat and Determination

As any small business owners’ dreams manifest, by your desire, sweat and determination: while keeping your eyes on the target, remember, all who are involved, with getting you there, your desired location.  Communicating your position, your interest and direction, at this point in time maybe more of the grey area, the top, left, right and bottom of the domino, rather than just the front and back of a game piece; so be upfront with your lender [‘How to Collect Overdue Accounts’: http://tiny.cc/iu4tox ], they have search tools for everyone. Workout some type of agreement for payment option; being good to your lender could have beneficial options, which is always better than being garnished through the personal property security act.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Guru that Ate the World

       This sensational title is based on true experiences of dealing with various Gurus in the internet businesses, that have professed their integrity is the better, if not the best, which could be used and/or followed, in receiving ‘Instant Money’.

Money Information

       The power of information is the money to be made and the internet is the means by which the prey is sought. For everyone, who can breathe, wishes to get ahead in life: even if it is one step at a time. The path is usually, governed with education, memory, and exposure to the latest and the best of a path: that no one, but the members know about.
       The above, is very powerful for a non-member: it provides, subliminal comfort to the individual, who wishes to get ahead of their present position. Of course, some other aspects and points of interests may be involved, yet the bottom line is to get ahead, from where the researching seeker is located.

Looking for Gold and Time

Time is a very, very big factor, with the quest for financial independence: ‘we always feel we are close to the solution, that GOLD is right there’, we just can’t touch it. Brilliantly, many are lead to specific schooling, such as that ‘product’s University’, for reeducation of how to sale ‘that product’ or make money with it.
       Mesmerizing setup of location, exotic if you will admit, with beautiful homes, cars, swimming pools, scenery and sells people: to continue with the list, could only be of value to individuals, who have never seen the ‘Ultimate Guru’s Layout’, as a door opener.

Smart Dated Attraction

       The power of sight and sounds of the success of the sellers, always, can make a ‘mouthwatering urge’ happen, in almost at an instant.  In history, let’s just go back only as far as, 1960’s to 2004: the use of the most glamorous lady, would explain, the great qualities of ‘the product’, she was near, and yet, does not have or own. The point of that information: “if the Customer Service Individual”, does not have one, use one and is not an active user of that product: than, how GOOD IS THAT PRODUCT; let’s be honest.

Who’s your Buddy

       So, you make money off the purchaser and have never, actually, actively touched, what you are explaining. Wow, how genius, is that! Selling a product, you have read the specs, yet, will not spend a penny to own: “now that is a sales person, extraordinaire”.
       Please understand, at any time, in this writing, a question of the quality of character, of the ‘SALES PERSON and/or LOBBYISTS’, they deserve KUDOS, for a job well done: everyone deserves to get paid, for work well done.

Oh Massager, Oh Messenger

       The ‘product deliverers’, are always picked-on and remembered, yet it is they, who should not to be held accountable; it is more the producers of ‘The Path’, which has been created, stating ‘You can be Number One’.

So, you didn't Know

       So, buyer beware, and heed the warning, from this blog: carry your money close, about $500.00; read the fine print of all terms; mark your calendar of term times for return; note and re-note your path conquered; understand your true ending, compared to the path, which the ease of doing is supposed to be; and ask the questions to yourself, to make sense of your thoughts, of where your money went and how close you are to being ‘FREE’. Projects, without time, are a waste in deed, direction and effort. And not doing your homework, well, many individuals can reflect, on that wisdom by looking at their present life.
       Know your sales person, and watch the ‘buy now’ signs, before you go anywhere: ‘after all: your friends, family and associates’, will always ask: “didn't you test drive the car before you handed over your money”?

Friendly Close

       Many live and learn, from beginning to end, yet seldom, in that exchange business, do you find a true friend. So be wise, be smart and look at where you are, for that green grass and sweet pasture, maybe your dollars undoing.
       This list is of good choices, for your success:
http://tiny.cc/h2rdnx       this short is YouTube Health.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Newbie Investing, Door 1, through the Looking Glass

Braving the Trading Path

 The very first mistake: a newbie investing mistake, is putting all your eggs in one basket.  Trading in order to start trading; Forex Trading Software Programs:  a 'Forex Simulator Software', can be used to test trading strategies and develop trading systems.  Many trading software programs, presents adequate data relating to Forex trading strategies, and exchanging techniques, while dealing, with differing currencies.  It delivers enough information relating to the approaches and assortment of forex dealings, in trading various currencies.  In fact, profits derived from forex trading are frequently quite significant.

The forex trading market is worldwide.  The key to successful trading is the consistent application of clear, well-conceived and objective trading rules.  Forex trading bonus programs have actually assisted many individuals make additional bucks in the Forex market interminably.  Intraday Trading in Stocks, Forex etc. are popular due to the trading commission and same day returns.  Intraday Trading yields high returns on the same day if done in a proper way.  Day trading, money is gained by selling and buying of shares. The Shares, being bought and sold, usually have frequent price changes.  Let us see how a day of trading CSCO* has any potential.

In fact, profits derived from forex trading are frequently quite significant.  Before beginning a Forex trading account, it truly is crucial to be knowledgeable in all the points needed for trading.  With financial spread betting or CFD** trading, you don't face the drag of the costs, which can be posted to your trading account.

The Market eats another person as a Snack

When you want to venture on making money online, you need to be on guard, better than a sheep dog.  4x [Forex] is the currency, in trading of foreign currency.  Money Market Funds, in the United States of America is a Mutual Fund, which is held at 26%, as an asset and labeled as Money Market Fund. Money market funds entail the least risk and lower rates of return.  Making money means that a type of risk is involved, and the larger amount of money involved, will be greater the risk of seeking success. The only way to shorten or create less risk is by using a greater amount of knowledge. The reality is that you can begin making money online in increments, which may bring better results, toward learning and achieving success.
A vigilant person should have a prerequisite of funds. If you are investing money and expect money to return, being watchful is being smart.  When it comes to investing, you cannot overlook money matters, all aspects should be considered.  Remember, before you start investing in any type of stock exchange, including penny stocks: know that you may lose money, which is a risk in your actions.  Also, wealth attraction for entrepreneurs, or any other money attraction program, doesn't work through osmosis. Research the terms, times, actions and all pertinent studies, about your subject; know the pre-information through and through and note: not everyone will give you your money back.

Glaringly you can’t simply dive in and earn giant money without understanding anything about the markets.  If you don't have experience in this field, then you may not be able to earn money.  Yet note: unless the investor trades, they cannot earn any money on commissions.  You don't have money to buy those expensive courses, then, your best option is to research and study very hard.

The 4-hour Work Week and Your Money

These ideal forex strategies are primarily aimed for the advanced Forex Traders, but can also be used by others.  Looking back, almost every individual wishes they would have placed money in a certain investment, during the great growth market times.  It can also be very exciting, watching your money work for you.  Stay focused: prevent unwanted loss of money and help yourself toward enjoying the benefits from your investment. 
The forex trading market is global.  Forex Simulator Software can be used to research trading systems, strategies and develop your own path for success.  It presents adequate data relating to Forex Trading Strategies, predesigned strategies and exchangeable techniques, while dealing with different currencies.  It delivers enough information relating to trading and forex deals, while trading in various types of currencies.

Forex Trading Bonus Programs

Forex trading bonus programs have actually assisted many individuals, in making additional bucks in the Forex market interminably.  Make sure, you have a large enough amount of money in, reserve, service, checking and/or saving’s account, to ensure no loss of personal principal money, when handling your new project.  Everyone does not want to lose their hard earned money on investments; rather they want to make profit through investments.  Intraday Trading in Stocks, Forex and other types of trading software, etc. are popular due to the amount of winning, in trading commissions and same day returns.  In some cases, Forex Trading Software Programs, such as ' Forex Kagi is LIVE’ [http://tiny.cc/bfg1lx, and http://bit.ly/ZBDklY], is going to be a beyond the ultimate guide to pump out stratospheric profits from Forex trading; Yet, as always: Search for TERMS [length, durations: how long will this company hold onto your money] and REVIEW FIRST, before purchasing [in this aspect: length of availability of software, company’s history (where the company is today, is the popular question, as well as  giving their ‘good’ information for a year or more), as a history track record].

Closing Wisdom

Stock market is definitely NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, as stated in much of Forex Trading information/reviews.  Here is the best investment advice given to newbie investing in stocks, etc.:  ‘investment in yourself first to make your money (means: whatever your skill, ability, and/or what you do the best: cooking, guns, photography, dancing, art, writing, building, crafts, etc.): make your money first, to have money’; then go out into the world and gamble, with a fixed amount [an amount that will not hurt you or make you cry, if it disappears];
Research areas and words, for quick assessment: http://digijunction.com/investing/mrmalcolm1, SLR = Statutory Liquidity Ratio: ‘in relations to liquid assets [short-term securities, money/cash, precious items, like rocks (diamonds, rubies, etc.), metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.)]: material items, that a bank/financial institutions and reserve facilities’, can see value, in that item. [www.investorwords.com]
Intraday Trading in Stock is sometimes used to describe market securities that trade during the common business hours, i.e. stocks, ETF [Exchange-Traded Fund (similar to stocks, except ETF involves trading until the close of the Net Asset Value over the course of a day, with its relation to Commodities, or Bonds: Bond Index, Stock Index)], during the length of one day.
Trading CSCO [Trading after Hours via Cisco System]: the purpose of this information is, to be considered as ‘as is information’ and should not be considered as ‘advice for Any Trading’.
Interestingly enough, ‘Spread-betting’ and ‘CFD’, are very similar, for the most part, though, there are slight differences, to be weighed into the comparisons:
‘Spread-betting’, is TAX-FREE in most locations of the world. Being ‘Spread-Betting is Leveraged Product’, a deposit of a small amount allows an individual to cover a larger market. Yet, having the risks and benefits in your favor, the true gamble comes from the loss, which could be greater than your beginning deposit. [http://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting]
 CFD’s [Contract For Difference], the CFD has an opening ‘Initial Margin’, which only a percentage needs to be paid, rather than the ‘Full Value’ of an individual transaction. Therefore you have Access to a Greater amount of shares, in the opening of the trading day.  The stress level with the CFD comes into play, when maintaining ‘All Opened Positions’ to a required ‘Level’, and that is whether the market is showing a profit or loss. If the ‘Margin Level’, reduces your cash balance by moving against your ‘Particular Trade’: a ‘Margin Call’, will be brought to your attention and additional money, will have to be added to your account, to maintain your position as being opened. [http://www.bullbearings.co.uk/cfd.trading.guide.php]
        Of course, there are more subtleties involved, in each path, and more research should be done on these topics, before getting involved in this aspect of trading.
        Happy Trading: http://makingmoney-cherryhill.com

[CSCO*, CFD**: go to Google Search, for the graph and information, about these letters posted]

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trying to Bite, Chew and Taste Guru Success

 Guru Menu

       ‘Guru Flavor’ comes in many amounts, designs and options. Your job, if you decide to take this position, is to be successful at being…... yes simple delivery for the success , biting, chewing, yet, the ‘Tasting of Success’, is elusive for many of us newbies. Apparently, we did not get the memo, on the success of tasting, after biting and chewing.

The Guru Meal

       We are all new to the aspects of taking this bite. And the chewing is not new to us. Yet, the evasive tasting of success is harsh. Everyone knows that there is to be a taste. After all, you have bitten and chewed, the ‘Guru Meal’, and there is ‘No Taste’. So the guru says here is your meal; now to go to a restaurant; for a cooked meal, which was to be prepare for the multitude of arrivals, and there is no taste.
       The aptitude and delivered product has to match the outcome in some sort of way: monetarily speaking: ‘no money, your effort is expensive’, as well as money shot (you have seen nothing that looks like money added to your pocket).


So let us avoid the anger, the ‘lost time effect’, the preyed upon attitude, which is hard to shake off; and get down to the needs of success to you, the newbie searcher, researcher, whatever your title can be listed as your starting point; Now let us gain some new rules for success, on the playing field, which we will make, so success, will be in your hand, instead of the guru, who may just disappear quickly.

The Powered Offer

       The next few “short ‘FREE’, E-books”, will cater to ‘YOU’, the victim: the non-successful, non-money receiving ‘INVESTOR’, interested in making money, being honest, truthful and respectful of the intelligence of the masses and have a great product, product-path and  ‘niche [a product and/or product area, well suited for YOU the INVESTOR]’. Character, may not be pointed out to you instantly, yet, character and one’s character will soon stand-out on your venture, into the money making world.


       The power of ‘YOU’, the individual, will be counted as ‘1’ (one). Information will be considered as your first step toward understanding your position. Of course, you may be far ahead of this group, yet, a visit, now and then would not hurt. Maybe even an email of a rebuttal of your research, in comparison.
       Now, do be aware, that products, on these sites, are top quality, best sellers and good information, with choices of researching each, for your edification of the products:
Category under MakingMoney-UltimateResource,
Category under MakingMoney-HealthHelp,
Category under MakingMoney-Investments
http://digijunction.com/investing/mrmalcolm1’; this may seem as a new sales pitch, yet, this is more of a gathering of material, which work, and can aid you in this reporting path.

List of What Can Satisfy You

Note: you will find, Jobs, E-Business, E-Marketing, E-Venture Business, Information, Wisdom, Updates for Investing, Health Assistance, Catalogues, Software Offers (coming), Connecting Forums, and Opportunities, Opportunities, Informative Opportunities, plus more  and more fitting Items for Researchers, to gaining a path, toward a more Healthy, Successful and Satisfying Life.http://makingmoney-cherryhill.com/